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Corner balancing
  • Got fresh new tires mounted, coilovers adjusted, alignment set and still looking for that final piece for a perfect setup? Then corner balance it is what you are looking for.


    Corner balancing is the process of shifting the weight carried by each wheel to approach optimal values. Although some weight can be shifted between wheels by physically relocating parts of the car, the corner balance process is focused on shifting weight by adjusting the suspension spring height. The process is time consuming, but rewarding when done correctly. The car will feel more predictable and easier to drive on the limit as its understeer / oversteer characteristics will now be even in left and right corners.


    Even the best suspension and tires in the world, won't make the car handle as it should without a properly setup alignment and corner balance, so don't hesitate. Book an appointment today and we'll take care of the rest.



    1. Static weight adjustment (ballasts)
    2. Initial ride height adjustment
    3. Initial alignment adjustment
    4. Corner balancing
    5. Final alignment adjustment


    Pricing and other important information in the additional info section.

    Corner balancing

    Artikelnummer: GMSPOCB
    50,00 €Preis
      • 50,00€ initial 30 min
      • 25,00€ every additional 30 min
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