GMS - GaleMotorSport, founded by owner Rudi Gale is a one of a kind motorsport brand consisting of various experts, each on its own territory (driving, mechanics, engineering, engine tuning, handling, etc.) but one thing in common - passion for motorsport. We strive to provide high end performance parts, no shortcuts. Lightest, strongest and the most innovating motorsport parts on the market.


Knowledge, know-how and experiences are essential in motorsport. However, we believe that subconscious performance outperforms conscious performance. That is why all our cars are taken care of with heart and soul, on subconscious level, with emotions. We test it on the road, we test it on the track. We feel it, we understand it.


GMS prepared cars might not suite everyone as they demand more from a driver than today's performance cars. They are raw, intimidating and unforgiving. However when driven properly, our cars are always competitive with the best in its class and it is not unusual to find them successfully competing even with the higher tier cars. But there is something more to it than just lap times and statistical numbers.​ With our cars and parts you'll extract the very best from yourself. You'll improve, you'll grow, become better and faster driver.

We drove fast cars and we drove very fast cars. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, that was all the car gave us. Outstanding speed and lap times in numbers, with no thrill in it. No emotions, no danger, no goose bumps, nothing to remember. Today's cars are fast, safe, forgivable and easy to drive. They focus solely on the performance itself and not on the driver or the driving experience. Good or bad driver, they usually finish the lap time within a second or two, because the car does it for them. In a few years, autopiloted race cars will drive the perfect lap. Lap after lap, day after day, regardless of the driver. The human factor won't be worth the mentioning. We are here to preserve the motorsport culture and passion.

That's how cars are today, that's how relationships are today and that's how the world is today. Pure rationality, no emotions, making us mere a machines and it doesn't seem to get any better in the future. There is no reason to compete with machines. They are perfect in terms of performance and they will win, always. What we can and should compete in, is emotions. It's what makes us stand apart from the machines. And so, should be with the cars.

The auto industry is full of supercars, hyper cars and other engineering perfections with single goal in mind. Each trying to prove they are the most perfect and the best performing machine on the planet.

We believe that a real performance car should reflect emotions, not just numbers. It should be connected to a driver on emotional level. It should talk to a driver in motorsport language. It should provide a feedback of every driver's input. Every mistake driver makes, the car should reflect and expose, every perfection driver does, the car should reflect and reward.

​New car, used car, oldtimer, youngtimer, race car, whatever bumps our heart and gets our interest it might be the performance car of the future. Factory builds the car to a certain level of performance with a single goal in mind - to suit as many people as possible, to make a revenue. If we like the car and we see the potential, we pick up the work from here on. We make the car faster, lighter, more driver focused. We strive for perfection, we redefine the performance standard but above all, we bring out the emotional connection between the driver and the car.  We bring the car closer to the driver, we make the car that driver can feel and understand. We build the performance car, that has the performance in it, but it requires the understanding and smoothness to bring the best out of it.

Our performance cars might not give you the perfect lap times if your driving level is modest, you might even find them hard to tame, hard to drive on the limit, but they will give you emotions regardless of the driving skill you are at the moment. And when driven properly, on a limit, they will prove a tough competitor, with style, with emotions. An experience to remember. A legend to become.

When driven properly with skills, dedication and experience, than success is inevitable.

If you are bored of supercars and hyper cars, if you feel like you are missing the emotional factor, if you are looking for a professional driver or you simply have a commercial interest in our brand, contact us. We believe we can take you to the next level, we can make you feel live again.


And if you just like what we are doing and cannot join us at the moment, you're welcome to follow us on social apps.

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Motorsport is our passion