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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - SLR seat mounts (for OMP Prototipo R seats)
  • Looking for a high end bucket seats? Need lateral support, comfortable and lighweight seats, but can't find appropriate seat mounts? Is head to roof clearance an issue?


    We designed plug and play solution to make an installation of our seats of choice for tracking and back road blasting - OMP Prototipo R, a breeze. OMP Prototipo R come in lightweight carbon fibre shell (6200g), feature backrest inclination specific for GT cars and large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various heights. High side bolsters provide lateral leg support and high protection, there are removable head, back, lateral and base cushions and split leg rests to allow maximum individual seating comfort. The seats are completely covered in fire retardant velour. These seats are also Hans® compatible and FIA 8855-1999 eligible.


    For these particular seats, we developed fixed seat mounts, that can be installed without use of OEM sliders, consequentially, gaining the much needed head clearance. The GMS SLR mounts provide the lowest possible sitting position, allowing to fit the drivers of up to 195cm of height. Seat brackets also feature multiple slots to allow adjustment in length, height and tilt. The seat mounts are rigid, FEM optimized, 2-piece assembly made of CNC bent 5182 series aluminum pieces, shot peened for extra rigidity and black anodized for signature GMS incognito satin black look. Mounting hardware is supplied in A2 grade Inox. The weight of the GMS SLR mounts comes at only 1190g per seat, the lightest on the market. Total assembly of GMS SLR seat mounts and OMP prototipo R seats comes at 7390g per seat and covering all your tracking requirements in terms of seating. If you are looking for a high end solution, look no further.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - SLR seat mounts (for OMP Prototipo R seats)

    Artikelnummer: GMS4COMPRSM
    Preisab 370,00 €
      • Fits OMP Prototipo R seats
      • Adjustable length, height, tilt
      • Lowest sitting position on the market (up to 195cm of driver height)
      • Non adjustable on the fly (slots must be switched)
      • Single piece, CNC bent 5182 series aluminum
      • FEM optimized
      • Shot peened
      • Incognito black anodized
      • Mounting hardware supplied in A2 grade Inox
      • 1190g per seat, the lightest on the market
      • Laser engraved GMS logo
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