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ALFA ROMEO - GIULIA / STELVIO - Performance brake pads
  • GMS performance brake pads for Giulia and Stelvio with 360mm x 32mm / 350mm x 28mm steel brakes.


    GMS spec compound combines decent initial bite with 0.39 Mu on cold brakes and friction of 0.43 Mu when it reaches its operating temps of 150°C. Maximum friction of 0.47 Mu is generated at 350°C and the average friction for this compound is around 0.46 Mu as a long as it is within its ideal operating temp range from 150°C - 550°C. Due to its linear friction coefficient, these pads are easy to modulate. Thanks to a heat resistant compound, the maximum operating heat range is about 650°C before braking performance decreases noticeably. This compound is a good choice for fast street and moderate track users attending track days, autoX and other HPDE events. It combines good modulation, good stopping power, heat resistance and decent lifespan of both - discs and brake pads, as long as it is used within its designed operating temp range.


    This same compound has been used and proven in various events winning Alfa Romeo 4C's for years and now it's also available for the Giulia Quadrifoglio. While capable of multiple consequent fast laps and longer track session without brake fade, due to significantly higher weight of the Giulia Quadrifoglio compared to the 4C, we recommend no more than 1 fast lap / hot lap and then 1 cooling lap to prevent excessive wear rate of both brake discs and brake pads, as well as tires.

    ALFA ROMEO - GIULIA / STELVIO - Performance brake pads

    Preisab 210,00 €
      • Available as a pair of front only, rear only or as a set
      • 0.39 Mu cold
      • 0.43 Mu warm (min. 150°C)
      • 0.47 Mu maximum (350°C)
      • 0.46 Mu average (150°C - 550°C)
      • Good brake modulation
      • Linear friction coefficient
      • Improved max temp operating range
      • Improved brake fade resistance
      • Optional anti-knock backplates
      • Plug and play
      • Fits all Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio models with 360mm x 32mm / 350mm x 28mm steel brake discs
      • Brake wear sensors not included
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