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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Turbo to intercooler pipe
  • This upgrade is vital for your Alfa Romeo 4C.


    OEM turbo to IC pipe is a multipiece part, held together by tack welds. Due to constant exposure to high heat and vibrations, tack welds will fail and cause the parts inside stock pipe to dismantle. While it is pretty much impossible for dismantled inner parts to pass the intercooler and get in to the engine due to its size, it is rather possible that the parts will block the piping to the intercooler, which means the MAP sensor won't get enough pressure, which will force the turbo to work extra hard trying to achieve the target pressure and that will lead to turbo failure due to compressor over rev.


    Second and a bit less concerning issue is the OEM mount which cracks due to vibrations and leaves the OEM turbo to IC pipe to hang on it's own. Luckily the bracket itself is rather insignificant and won't do any harm if broken, but won't do any good either.


    To address this issues, we have designe