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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Stage I TCU tune
  • GMS TCU tune of Magneti Marelli electronics module of Alfa Romeo's twin-clutch transmission (TCT) was developed in cooperation with Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Abarth ECU and TCU tuning specialized company - Reprog by D. Lorenzoni in Italy. Mission was to unlock the hidden potential of this capable, but compared to DSG or PDK, slightly underperforming TCT unit which can greatly benefit from this upgrade and deliver stellar performance.


    We have addressed all the aspects of it - performance, durability and comfort, but focusing on performance the most. Because shift times matter especially on the track, now with GMS optimized TCU, even faster upshift and downshift times are dialed in. Revised shifting points and patterns now allow for slightly higher max rpm and smoother gear transitions. In terms of heat management and lifespan of the clutch, the hydraulic unit operating pressure has been optimized to lower generated heat, yet produce more clamping power when required to reduce potential clutch slipping and wear. The more the slipping occurs, the higher the wear and generated heat, which is commonly causing overheating issues on the track, leading to limp mode and loss of DNA modes.


    Torque output is calculated within the ECU through various maps and then sent through the CAN-C bus system to all other units in car. The values can be manipulated within the ECU to make the ECU and TCU believe, that the car has only let's say 350 Nm of torque, while it actually deals with 400 Nm of torque or more. While this is a shortcut to unlocking the performance, the higher the torque levels, the more potential issues will arise as the TCU will continue to operate with limited clutch clamping force, just slightly higher than required to handle the 350 Nm of torque. Proper solution to this is raising the torque restrictions in the TCU and increasing the operating pressure of the TCT hydraulic unit to be able to cope with higher torque levels. While revising the torque restrictions in the TCU will help with high torque tunes, the TCT will perform at its best when paired with a correctly setup engine tune, so while this upgrade is suitable for stock and other tuned engines as well, it will operate at its best in conjunction with GMS Stage I ECU tune.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Stage I TCU tune

    Artikelnummer: GMS4CTCT
    Preisab 690,00 €
      • Faster up-shift times
      • Faster down-shift times
      • Higher clutch clamping force
      • Lower transmission heat
      • Revised torque limiters / restrictions
      • Longer clutch life span
      • Smoother transitions
      • Compatible with stock and tuned engines
      • "flash only" option, TCU must be sent in for a modification
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