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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Rear track rod
  • GMS rear track rods are engineered to eliminate flex that OEM track rods are prone to under stress (cornering). Assembly also feature revised kinematics, providing dynamic toe-in gain under compression (body roll during cornering, bump compression). This allows us to run less static toe-in, reducing parasitic tire drag loss and tire wear, while increased dynamic toe-in provides increased level of grip when required. Simple, yet efficient solution to unlock handling performance potential.


    GMS rear track rod is a multi-piece assembly, engineered with performance in mind and CNC machined to details. Center rod is an 20mm oversized 7075-T6 solid rod. Compared to OEM 60xx series, it boast more than 2x yield strength (530MPa vs. est. 240MPa), which delivers significant reduction of flexing under stress, most noticeably with semislick or slick tires. The inner end now utilizes GMS uniball with 1-piece full 42CrMo4 housing while the outer end features GMS ball joint. Thanks to use of the high-end 42CrMo4, both the outer ball joint and the inner uniball housing is now more tightly CNC machined allowing to fit larger diameter ball in the cup, greatly increasing lifespan. Internal sliding medium, as with all our other uniballs and ball joints, is a PET-GL derivative - Ertalyte TX, a supreme wear resistant material suited for extreme use. This assembly is providing significant improvement in durability and safety and perhaps the most important, due to elimination of the flexing in the main rod, the GMS rear track rods provide much more precise steering feedback and more responsive steering feel. In combination with eliminated flexing in the main rod and built-in dynamic toe-in, now less static toe-in can be run without sacrificing the grip or stability.


    For easy installation and toe adjustment, the GMS rear track rods feature machined hex slot and fine left/right thread pitch for precise adjustment. Highly recommended upgrade to be combined with GMS performance rear control arms.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Rear track rod

    Artikelnummer: GMS4CRTRS
    590,00 €Preis
      • 3-piece assembly
      • 42CrMo4 CNC machined 1-piece outer ball joint
      • 42CrMo4 CNC machined 1-piece inner uniball
      • 7075-T6 CNC machined 1-piece main rod
      • Eliminated flexing
      • Inbuilt dynamic toe gain upon compression
      • Improved steering feedback and precision
      • Improved durability
      • Improved safety
      • Oversized ball joint and cup housing
      • Oversized uniball and housing
      • Self lubricating Ertalyte TX sliding medium for long lasting and smooth performance
      • Machined hex slot for easier installation
      • Fine pitch left/right thread for precise adjustment
      • Zinc plated 42CrMo4 outer ends
      • Argento silver anodized 7075-T651 main rod
      • Laser engraved GMS logo
      • Sold as set (2 pieces)
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