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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Rear arm uniball kit
  • From the very beginning of its launch, the Alfa Romeo 4C is a subject of poor handling reviews from journalist and users. If you have ever wondered why your 4C has all the potential of a high performance car, fully carbon monocoque, excellent power to weight ratio and looks like a supercar, but it drives less so, here is the answer.


    Design of the rear arms of 4C in conjunction with stock soft rubber bushings is not engineered appropriately for a performance driving. Under heavy cornering, acceleration or braking, rear arm rubber bushings cannot withstand the forces transferred from tires to the suspension and the arms, so they flex, which causes a massive dynamic toe changes and therefor the rear end of the car feels floaty, disconnected and very unpredictable at the limit. The more grip the car produces, more noticeable the problem gets. Replacing stock rubber bushings with this high quality, custom made, uniballs is the only solution and it should be performed prior to any other modifications on the car if you actually care about the handling of your car. Function and design of uniballs is similar to those of ball joints, but In contrast to the rubber bushings, they transmit very high dynamic forces with no restoring torque, which means, no dynamic alignment changes will happen, even at high lateral G forces you are experiencing when blasting your 4C down you favourite road or track.


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