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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Race intercooler (Scara73)
  • This is product of Scara73.

    Alfa Romeo 4C's 1.75 Tbi engine is a highly boosted engine. In stock format, it's already operating at 1.5bar of boost and generating a lot of heat. Having an engine located in the back of the car does not do a favor to cooling either. So if you want strong and stable engine power then the engine must breath and IAT (intake air temperature) must be under control. GMS 3" Modular exhaust system will greatly reduce backpressure, let the engine breath and turbo flow the air through it and this uprated intercooler will provide better heat dissipation and lower IAT. Combine this two upgrades with GMS Stage I ECU tune and you'll have a seriously potent power figures and stable operation in the most demanding conditions.


    High efficiency race intercooler fabricated by Scara73 is providing up to 20 degree lower overall IAT (intake air temperature) for stable engine power during demanding conditions. Intercooler core is a high flow bar and plate type. The inlet port is aluminum, billet, CNC machined and outlet is made of carbon fiber. Due to its size, slight modification of the OEM mounting brackets is required.


    The item will be dispatched by Scara73. Any potential warranty claims or issues will be handled by Scara73.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Race intercooler (Scara73)

    Artikelnummer: SC73IC
    1.450,00 €Preis
      • Up to 20 degree lower overall IAT (intake air temperature).
      • High efficiency race intercooler.
      • High flow, bar and plate type core.
      • Billet, CNC machined inlet.
      • Carbon fiber outlet.
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