ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Performance brake pads
  • GMS performance brake pads for those looking to enhance the braking performance of your 4C. We have two compounds available, depending of the choice, suited for street or track use.


    "Street" compound combines decent initial bite (0.41 Mu) on cold brakes and relatively high temperature fading resistance (0.41 Mu @ 550°C). Its operating range is from 0° - 600°C making it an ideal choice for fast street use and occasional track events. This compound is easy to modulate, provides low disc wear and has low dusting properties. An ideal upgrade over OEM brake pads for those who don't want to run full track pads, sacrificing low temp performance and increased disc wear, yet need a bit more stable braking performance at higher temps.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Performance brake pads

    Artikelnummer: GMS4CPBP
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      • "Street" compound brake pads
      • Available as a pair of front only, rear only or as a set
      • Improved initial bite on cold brakes
      • Improved high temperature brake fade resistance
      • Low disc wear
      • Low dust
      • Optional anti-knock backplates
      • Plug and play
      • Fits all Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe and Spider models