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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Steering rack inner tie rod set
  • GMS Front inner tie rods are designed to fit OEM steering rack and replace OEM front inner tie rods which are not available as a spare part, requiring to purchase complete steering rack in case of wear.


    GMS Front inner tie rods are engineered with performance in mind and CNC machined to details. Thanks to use of the superior 42CrMo4, the ball joint housing is now more tightly CNC machined allowing to fit larger diameter ball in the cup, greatly increasing lifespan. Internal sliding medium as with all our other uniballs and ball joints is a PET-GL derivative - Ertalyte TX, a supreme wear resistant material suited for extreme use. By using 42CrMo4 and precise CNC machining, the weight was minimized from 1318g (OEM) down to 972g per set. The main stud is now a single piece CNC machined vs. OEM 2-piece and rubber bonded together, providing significant improvement in durability and safety and perhaps the most important, due to elimination of the flexible rubber part acting as a filtering element in OEM item, the GMS Front inner tie rods now provide much more precise steering feedback and more responsive steering feel. For easier installation the GMS Front inner tie rods also feature machined hex slot.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Steering rack inner tie rod set

    Artikelnummer: GMS4CSRFITR
    390,00 €Preis
      • 42CrMo4  CNC machined 2-piece construction
      • Eliminated OEM rubber bonded damping bushing
      • Improved steering feedback and precision
      • Improved durability
      • Improved safety
      • Lightweight (972g GMS vs. 1318g OEM)
      • Oversized ball joint and cup housing
      • ErtalyteTX self-lubricating sliding medium
      • Machined hex slot for easier installation
      • Zinc plated tie rod and hardware
      • Laser engraved GMS logo
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