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Alfa Romeo 4C - Clutch replacement
  • Clutch slipping? Don't worry, we can solve it.

    Clutch replacement is an engine out job on a 4C, so it's quite time consuming and requires special mechanical and diagnostic tools to cary out the job.  With lots of experience working on 4C engines, replacing clutches, calibrating TCT transmission and installing LSD units, with all the required special tools and diagnostic tools, we are skilled to take care of your car. Expected lifespan of TCT clutch is about 150.00km on street driven car stock car, 100.000km on tuned car and about 50.000km on heavy track driven, tuned 4C.


    Entire proccedure takes about 3 days (24h) and it includes OEM clutch assembly and work. GMS performance Kevlar clutch kit and LSD installation available as an option.


    Other important information in the additional info section.

    Alfa Romeo 4C - Clutch replacement

    Artikelnummer: GMS4CTCTCLREP
    2.490,00 €Preis
      • After placing an order, a validation card will be sent to your email and initial price will be charged. Our GMS personnel will then contact you and discuss the further details
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