ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon rear wing
  • Want to go faster through the corners and brake later? Or perhaps take your opponents through the inner line? It's doable!


    GMS carbon rear wing is the ultimate aero add-on, to get your 4C planted at high-speed cornering. This race wing is mounted to the GMS carbon rear ducktail hood and has a span width of 1650mm and chord width of 225mm. It has adjustable AOA (angle of attack) which ranges from 1° - 17° to provide more or less downforce, depending of your requirements and track layout. It's ultralight weight. The entire assembly weighs only 2790g (SLR version) and 3290g (SLT version), yet it is capable of supporting high levels of downforce due to its rigid construction and internal reinforcement chambers. Thanks to internal reinforcements and triangular design of the rear ducktail, the GMS carbon rear ducktail hood provides significant rigidity increase over OEM hood and provides required strong and rigid attachment points for the wing, yet in combination with GMS rear louver, weighs only 30% (3980g) of the OEM hood assembly (12590g).


    The wing is big, but it's curved and shaped to match the 4C's design, so the entire wing fits within the car's boundaries, looking smooth, blending with car's appearance. It’s important to know that the bigger the wing, the less aggressive the AOA can be, to make it efficient and therefore we can keep the drag under control. In our case, the C