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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon CAI (Cold air intake)
  • GMS Carbon CAI is a single piece, large volume, carbon fiber intake system with integrated bracket and large volume dual cone air filter element. This upgrade provides improved air flow, especially at high rpm range, slightly quicker throttle response, distinctive induction and blow off discharge sound and weight reduction.


    Large diameter, thin wall carbon piping, combined with large volume dual cone air filter element, provides 46% higher air flow compared to OEM induction system across entire rpm range and staggering 118% higher peak air flow in high rpm range, which equals to 0,065 Bar lower pressure drop at max rpm, which in theory means a power increase of a 9hp. This improves engine performance in higher rpm range, delivering slightly higher peak power, especially noticeable on tuned / remapped engines with free-flowing exhaust system.


    Due to shorter intake path, the turbo spool and throttle response are improved as well, while low positioned air filtering element in combination with direct fresh air inlet from the right-side scoop is ensuring low IAT (air intake temperature) and stable engine performance, especially in demanding track conditions with high ambient temperatures.


    Due to thin wall carbon piping and short inlet path, the induction sounds are noticeably louder, providing distinctive turbo spool, charge and blow off sound. Use headphones and check the video in description below.


    Due to use of carbon fiber as a main construction material, the entire assembly weighs only 589g. A staggering 6.6x less, compared to 3230g for OEM assembly. For construction process, high end, prepreg carbon is being used and processed in autoclave.


    In terms of aesthetics, entire assembly is a single piece fully carbon fiber piping with integrated bracket in same pattern as OEM 4C carbon exterior parts. Finish is available as a raw / polished carbon fiber with its satin appearance or as an optional 3x clear coated high gloss version.


    Mounting hardware is included and comes in stainless steel as a standard or aluminum as an option. The air filter element is a high flow dual cone air filter, available also as a replacement part separately.


    Replacement filtering element available here - click.


    Onboard sound clip: click

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon CAI (Cold air intake)

    Artikelnummer: GMS4CCAI
    Preisab 490,00 €
      • 46% higher air flow across entire rpm range on average
      • 118% higher peak air flow (0,065 Bar lower pressure drop)
      • Increased high rpm engine performance
      • Quicker turbo spool and engine response
      • Lower IAT (Intake air temperature)
      • Improved induction and BOV / purge valve noise
      • Replaceable air filtering element
      • Ultralight at only 589g vs. 3230g (OEM)
      • Single piece fully carbon fiber piping with integrated bracket
      • high end, prepreg autoclave technology
      • Aluminum hardware available optional (2x M6 x 25mm DIN 7380 Aluminum bolt + 2x M6 DIN 125 Aluminum washer)
      • Available in raw / polished version or 3x clear coated high gloss version
      • 100% Plug and play
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