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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Adjustable ARB links
  • GMS adjustable ARB links are compatible with OEM and aftermarket stabilizers / ARB's / swaybars. With this upgrade you can set up correct ARB end link length on lowered cars and have a bind free setup with zero preload on the suspension, crucial when corner balancing the car.


    The ball joints are 42CrMo4 CNC machined, Zinc coated and feature self lubricating ErtalyteTX sliding medium for long lasting lifespan and smooth operation. Ball joints are also rubber sealed, for use in harsh conditions and long lasting performance. The oversized center stem features CNC machined T6-6061 billet aluminum to achieve unmatched rigidity, yet save the weight. The ball joints can be rotated to achieve the correct angle at the mounting points and then tightened and secured with the locking nut. Assembly also features clockwise / counterclockwise threads for simple length adjustment.


    Front ARB link comes at 279g vs. 313g OEM and is length adjustable in range of 85mm - 105mm vs. OEM non-adjustable.


    Rear ARB link comes at 299g vs. 336g OEM and is length adjustable in range of 175mm - 195mm vs. OEM non-adjustable.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Adjustable ARB links

    Artikelnummer: GMS4CAAL
    Preisab 190,00 €
      • Compatible with OEM and aftermarket ARB's
      • Adjustable ARB preload and bind free movement
      • Simple adjustable length (85mm - 105mm front and 175mm - 195mm rear)
      • Lightweight (1156g GMS vs. 1298g OEM)
      • 42CrMo4 CNC machined and rubber sealed ball joints
      • Zinc plated ball joints and hardware
      • Oversized, CNC machined T6-6061 billet aluminum stem
      • Laser engraved GMS logo
      • ErtalyteTX self-lubricating sliding medium
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