ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Performance TCT clutch kit


    GMS performance clutch kits are designed to provide increased performance, much needed on tuned and track driven 4C's. With utilizing special compound friction surface instead of organic, the friction coefficient (up to 560 Nm for Sintered SR+), temperature resistance (anti glazing) and lifespan (2x - 3x longer compared to OEM) are all greatly increased over OEM clutch. We offer 2 types of clutches, the AramidS+ and the Sintered SR+, both offering superb performance in terms of wear resistance, heat resistance and torque transmission.

    GMS AramidS+ clutch is aimed at 4C owners with lightly tuned engines, looking for decent tracking capabilities without sacrificing any comfort of OEM clutch. This compound material is a high performance material, with high percentage of aramid fibre. This clutch kit offers about 30% higher torque limit (up to 460 Nm), while the engagement remains at OEM levels of smoothness. This material compound resists high energy inputs (up to 400°C temperature fade). If the clutch overheats and starts to slip, it will return to initial state of performance after cooling down, without decrease in performance. This compound material is not abrasive to the counter material, it's noiseless while operating, it resists high surface pressures and has very low wear rate (more than 100% less wear than OEM compound), therefore the expected lifespan is significantly increased (2x longer than OEM clutch).


    AramidS+ compound specs:

    • Friction: 0.43±0.05 μ (at 150 ºC)
    • Wear rate: 30 mm3/KWh (at 150 ºC)
    • Temperature fade: >400 °C
    • Thermal conductivity (ASTM E1952): 0.25±0.01 W/m°K
    • Oil resistant: Yes


    GMS SinteredSR+ clutch, is aimed at 4C owners with heavily tuned engines and racers who are looking for ultimate clutch performance with only slight comfort penalty. This clutch kit offers about 60% higher torque limit (up to 560 Nm). Due to its segmented design it provides superior torque transmitting capabilities, extreme heat dissipation, quicker engagement of the clutch, but slightly less smooth, more direct transition from on/off engagement.


    Sintered SR+ compound specs:

    • Friction: TBD
    • Wear rate: TBD
    • Temperature fade: TBD
    • Thermal conductivity: TBD
    • Oil resistant: TBD


    GMS performance Kevlar clutch kits are available as a clutch plate only kit (2x GMS clutch plate only) or full kit (2x GMS clutch plate + 1x pressure plate).


    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Performance TCT clutch kit

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      • AramidS+ or Sintered SR+ compound
        • GMS AramidS+
          • Up to 460Nm
          • Heat resistant
          • Oil resistant
          • Smooth engagement
          • 2x longer lifespan
          • Capable of track use
        • GMS Sintered SR+
          • Up to 550 Nm
          • Direct engagement
          • Capable of race use
      • Clutch plate kit only includes:
        • 2x GMS clutch plate (AramidS+ or Sintered SR+)
      • Full kit includes:
        • 2x GMS clutch plate (AramidS+ or Sintered SR+)
        • 1x Pressure plate